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DevOps Engineer


AG Insurance is looking for a Microsoft DevOps Engineer to join its Distributed Frameworks team.
The Distributed Frameworks team is a small team of independent software engineers and architects who
are responsible for the creation and maintenance of the internally developed applicative .NET Framework
and development tooling (IDEs, CI/CD, …)
Concretely we are looking for someone to help us on the DevOps platform to improve our build and release
processes, code quality check, dependency analysis and automation & industrialisation

Technical experience required (hard skills related to physical or digital tools)
• Experience with Azure DevOps for build & source control
• Experience with NuGet and Git
• Azure Devops CI/CD configuration (yaml)
• Azure PaaS deployment
• ARM templating
• Powershell, C# and Rest API
• Docker and Kubernetes
• Github Actions and Code spaces
• Experience with Visual Studio/VS Code and .Net Runtime installation, configuration &
• Troubleshoot and bug fixing skills (IIS and technologies mentioned below)
• Experience with SonarQube, SonarCloud and Selenium
• Experience with IIS Setup and Configuration
• Experience with and LogStash
• Experience with DocFX
• Experience with Terraform
Functional experience required (job experience in particular industry and in particular
• Web Sites (IIS) & Rest Services design
• Experience in Technical writing
• Experience with release & build management processes (application lifecycle management)

7. Objective of the job
It will be your job to propose, discuss & implement improvements to our DevOps platform. You will
document your work, provide guidelines for our developer community, and provide training coaching and
support when required.
You work independently but you inform and consult other stakeholders when required to stay aligned

Start Date: ASAP

Duration: 1 Year 

Languages: Dutch/French and English

Location: Brussels (Belgium)