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Senior Data Engineer - Germany



"Data Engineering tasks related to projects, e.g. Predictive Maintenance Solutions
* Help in supporting and designing business-critical data engineering use cases, from the business problem to delivery and operation.
* Build and maintain data pipelines for static, mixed, and time-series data.
* Design, implementation and maintenance of data infrastructure for ML algorithms in MS Azure.
* Improvement and optimization of existing data infrastructure and data lake using various tuning techniques.
* Responsible for all data engineering tasks using Azure stack, Hadoop, Spark, Gitlab (CI/CD), Scala.


Good team player and communicator, but great at independent work. Solution oriented. Analytical thinking


Experience in machine learning engineering, exploratory data analysis, and software development + data engineering, ETL. Optimally, candidate should have a degree in mathematics, physics, computer sciences or in a related field.
Experience in Python programming is helpful, especially with NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, XGBoost, Seaborn, Matplotlib and related libraries.
Expertise in Git, Gitlab, and CI/CD are beneficial.
Experience in working with Azure, Databricks, HDInsight, Docker, Kubernetes.
Candidate should be familiar or inclined to working in an agile environment. Prior experience with predictive maintenance tasks is a plus.


Start Datum: 01.06.2021

End Datum: 30.12.2021